Operation Clean Sweep

The premise is that the Smugglers and Coyotes will move objects of varying difficulty and value over the US border, while HomeSec and Joint Task Force try to stop them. The border will be drawn across the span of our entire field giving players a vast terrain to plan and execute an infinite number of strategies for smuggling and security operations.  

1. Operation Clean Sweep
2. Saturday August 19th
3. Coyotes/Smugglers vs HomeSec/JTF
4. 2pm Arrive/Registration/Prepare (range time, gear check, FRS radio station assignments, etc.)
2:45pm Rules meeting
3:00pm Official Chrono 
3:40pm WARNORD/Mission Briefing for Team Command
3:50pm WARNORD/Mission Briefing Team Commanders to Their respective Teams.
3:55pm Teams Deploy to starting AO 
4:00pm Startex
4:15PM FRAGO 1
5:00pm FRAGO 2
6:00pm FRAGO 3
7:00PM FRAGO 4
8:00PM FRAGO 5
9:00PM Endex 
9:30PM Depart

Important Notice:

Coyote and JTF require pre approval from Team Commanders.

Must be 18 or older for this event unless prior approvel is granted by staff.


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