Airsoft Scenario

Date: May 26, 2013

C3Airsoft is proud to present Operation: Sweeping Dawn, a one day airsoft event at Pocoloco Paintball

It is now 2030. As the current government has tried to change the United States to a socialist government, dissent from the public has been growing louder and louder. Finally it is no longer just noise. The people have decided to rise up against the government as the founding fathers would have wanted. People have been collaborating across the country for the past couple of years to finally get things moving. A major battle is about to start between the revolutionaries and the United States government in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Are you going to defend the current government or rise up against it?

Where: Poco Loco Paintball, Schwenksville, PA

When: May 26, 2013 at 0900
Airsoft operations commence promptly at 0900 hours. Players arriving late will only be allowed to play after they receive a full safety briefing.

Cost: $25(prereg ONLY, NO walk-ons, 132 spots available. After 132 are filled, we go to the waiting list.)

Teams: Green (Revolutionaries) / Tan (Government Forces)