Battle for Oz

Date: June 1, 2013

PocoLoco Paintball and Team NightHawk are proud to present the 2013 Battle for Oz!

The Wicked Witch of the West has been destroyed. The all-powerful Wizard and Dorothy have returned to Kansas. The Scarecrow, TinMan and Lion have returned to their homes to lead their new lives, and the citizens of Oz lived in peace, or at least they did.

More than one hundred years have passed and turmoil and conflict have made peace a distant memory for a new power-hungry Wizard has seized control of the Emerald City and is trying to control all of Oz! The Flying Monkeys once again wreak havoc across the land but they even strike those loyal to the Wizard. There’s a dark evil emanating from the dead Witch’s castle that the Monkey’s call home, and if there is a new Witch, will she stop at bringing an end to the new Wizard, or is she trying to claim Oz for herself?

The Scarecrow, TinMan, and Lion have each taken up with ruthless mercenaries and they too seem to be waging war with the malevolent Wizard, the Monkey’s, and even each other! The munchkins and people of Oz struggle to survive caught between all these opposing forces!

As Oz falls deeper into chaos, DJ, a descendent of Dorothy, is brought to Oz by the Good Witches to help restore order. Can old alliances be reclaimed? Can new ones be made? Will the balance of power return to those wishing to do good and not evil, or will this magical continuum forever be unbalanced?

Their fate is in your hands and the only way to make a difference is to believe there’s no place like Oz, and join Team NightHawk at PocoLoco Paintball for, The Battle for Oz, June 1, 2013!

Poco Loco Paintball, 134 Kurtz Rd. Schwenksville, PA 19473-1452 (610) 630-4793   
$35 Registration Field paint only. Paint: $55 a case First Strike Rounds (100): $47


Reservation and Deposit Required