About the Paintball Park

It is difficult to describe the transformation of acres of gorgeous land we have the pleasure to call, Poco Loco Paintball, went through over the last two decades to become the premier, family-friendly, safe, and fun paintball park that it is today. In fact, the park that exists today does not properly reflect how this remarkable facility has evolved over the years since June, 1992. And as wonderful as these improvements are, by no means are we done making continual improvements that will keep bringing you back, while also appealing to new and equally demanding customers and friends!

The natural landscape of this property has a rich assortment of gigantic trees, some standing, some felled by mother nature, as well as an incredibly diverse mixture of varying elevations and gigantic boulders. That's right: boulders! Some singular ones almost as big as a city bus, and some clustered together forming an impressive rock edifice you would not think occurs this south in PA! These natural bunkers and barricades make several of our fields unique and challenging, and have no man-made structures on them - they did not need any.

On two sections of the property we had an Oldsmobile car and an old mail truck to serve as props (both removed). After some time and considerable labor, the castle was constructed. The castle was simply four walls with a pipe in each corner! Our current castle sits on top of elevated ground that took 90 truckloads of dirt to create, and now it has turrets, several walls and rooms, a center flag tower, and parapets! Please click on, "Tour our facility," to see what it looks like now!

Deadwood was home to the next structures we built and to that we recently added the Thunder Dome. We built a rather realistic Huey chopper (mock Bell UH-1 Iroquois) and two of our three tanks, and around those we built the Shanghai Village. They provide a very militaristic atmosphere while playing that field. The third tank is on Hell's Highway, and the Hornet's Nest comprises many bunkers is now one of our most challenging fields.

We obviously had to clear some land for our parking area, and other fields of play (speedball course, which is now gone), as well as our check-in, staging, and picnic area, and we've done so as minimalism a scale as possible.

Speedball? Oh, right. Very popular aspect to paintball but I needed to give my customers something more, something special. I replaced the speedball course with The Great Escape, a mock German Prison Camp (think Stalag 13) where players use paintball pistols that we provide to take their skills and game-play to a whole new level! The feedback and enjoyment are off the charts!

Our mission has always been is to provide a safe environment for beginner players, but we also attract (and keep separate) the more experienced and skilled players. We intend to keep this practice up as long as the business exists so that everyone can enjoy their time at Poco Loco Paintball, truly the premier paintball park in the Philadelphia metro!

--Jeffrey Hass

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