Play All Day for $45

Play all Day for $45

This page lists our rates.

At Poco Loco Paintball we keep it simple: $45 if you are renting our equipment, or if you bring your own gun and gear. We also offer group leader benefitsĀ for group leaders who are bringing out other players.
Don't have a group? whether it's just you or a couple of friends, we will mix you with players of the same skill level to keep it fun for everyone!
Reservations and deposits are required from everyone, no matter what size the group.

Rates Per Player:

To see Group Leader Benefits click here

Extra Paintballs


  • The cost per person is the same, whether you rent our equipment or bring your own. (the entry fee includes tax)
  • Entry to Park
  • Gun rental
  • 500 Paintballs
  • Goggles with Face Protection
  • Adult Judges
  • All day air refills


If you bring your own equipment and you need goggles, or your gun breaks we do not charge you.

Players with own gun receive 500 paintballs, air fills, and all day play.