Getting Started


We are glad you found us, I will help you plan and setup your paintball trip.

How to reserve a date:

Reservation and Deposit Required

  • Step 1. Pick a date with the players you plan to attend with (you do not need a group to play you may come alone) if you come alone or in a small group we will mix you with players of the same skill level.
    (Tip 1: All words Highlighted will take you to that page) .

  • Step 2. Call to see if your date is available (610-630-4793) .
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  • Step 3. After you check on availability, collect a $30 deposit from each player, or have  them deposit individually at Book Now, in the first part of the book now form is a box labeled "Name of Group" in that box have each player write the same agreed upon name so we keep your deposits all together. (We accept every major credit card)

  • (Tip 3: If you want to find out who has deposited within your group either call us: 610-630-4793 or contact us: ).

Park Hours:

The following times are arrival times, we require approximately one hour to go through the rules and hand out equipment:

  • Arrive 9:30 am out playing by 10:30 am
  • Arrive 10:30 am out playing by 11:30 am

The park closes at 4:00 pm

Reservation and deposit always required

Have questions call us: 610-630-4793