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How to Play Paintball

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Paintball is an outdoor/ indoor participation sport. It is a combination of childhood "hide & seek" and "tag," but more sophisticated and challenging A group of paintball players usually divide into two equal teams, varying size from four or five to as many as several hundred on a side. The object of the game is to go out and capture a flag; you also try to eliminate opposing players by tagging them with a paintball expelled from a special paintball marker.

A Paintball is a round, thin-skinned gelatin capsule, very similar to a large vitamin E capsule or a bath oil bead. Paintballs are filled with a non-caustic, water-soluble, biodegradable liquid. They come in a rainbow of colors: blue, pink, white, red, orange, yellow, and other bright colors. When a paintball tags! a player, the thin gelatin skin splits and the liquid inside leaves a "paint" mark on the player's clothes to signify his or her elimination. A paintball marker uses carbon dioxide (Co2) to propel the paintball.

For safely, paintball players always must wear approved goggles to protect their eyes and face during a game. As long as the goggles are worn paintball is a very safe sport, insurance statistics indicate that paintball is safer than golf, tennis, swimming, and many other sports.

Referees on the field start and stop games, enforce the rules of play and control the sport's safety.

Paintball is a sport played by people from all professions and lifestyles. It is a sport where women stand on an equal footing with men. Physical size and strength do not create a star; rather, it is one's ability to think (like Chess) that helps make a star.

Paintball is a character-building sport. Players learn the importance of teamwork, and gain self-confidence while developing leadership abilities.

You should wear comfortable play clothes that match the weather conditions with boots for ankle support (long sleeves and long pants suggested).

  • The paint is water soluble and washes out of most clothing.
  • We recommend you come dressed in layers in cold weather as you warm up you remove layers, and as you cool down add layers.
  • We recommend a change of clothing as you are playing in the woods and you will get dirty.



Yes, we have a concession stand but it sells only drinks and pre packaged snacks, we offer pizza from a local restaurant on demand.

The cost is $18 for a large pizza and contains 8 slices, (extra toppings are $2 each).

Yes, you may bring food and non alcoholic drinks if you like.

You will play 8 to 12 games in a full day session. The number of games varies from group to group; it depends on how quickly your group gets ready for their next game.

Games are 15 minutes usually however we play many different game formats, each team will attack and defend from both sides of each map.

No, your group must purchase all paintballs from Poco Loco.

You may come alone or with a small group, we will mix you with other players of equal skill level or you may bring enough players to play private (20 players on regular price days and 25 players on discount days).
Private groups are always welcome at Poco Loco Paintball, please call us at 610-630-4793 for availability.

To reserve a private session you must (call first to check on availability) have 20 paid players deposited prior to your date and 20 players in attendance on game day (25 players on discount days) or Poco Loco reserves the right to mix other players with your group of equal play ability.

(WARNING! showing up on game day with 20 or 25 players without prior arrangement for a private field will not get you a private field.)

  • Private play is when you meet our qualifications which allows your group not to be mixed with others, you move from map to map with your own judges throughout the day.
  • private play is available on discount days for groups of 25 or more but space is limited.
  • Non-Private play is basically the same except you play with other players of equal skill level along with your players.

Postponement Policy

No, if you deposit for 15 players, and you show up with 14 players, you lose the deposit (no refunds or exchanges).

See also, Postponement Policy

Most of the time you don't even know your hit, we use high quality paint and check the speed of our paintball guns regularly in order to ensure your safety and fun.

We also discourage shooting players within 20 feet above the knees.

Not usually, but you should not come dressed in your Sunday’s best.

Yes, all groups have a minimum 2 ref.'s and our referees are all adults, we do not use teens.

Yes, when you play at our park you always play with the people you come with however you may end up shooting against them.

750 paintballs per player.  Extra paintballs are $23 for a bag of 500 paintballs

No, sorry, we no longer rent Camouflage.