Pennsylvania’s safest, most fun, and most immersive outdoor action park for all ages. Paintball and Airsoft for individuals, groups, and parties.

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( Per insurance, we require 8, 9, 10, and 11-year-old players to play alone. 14 and up not allowed with young children). We require you to call us for this age group in advance: 610-630-4793

Postponement Policy: To postpone a reservation, notify us 48 hours before your show-up time (we play rain or shine). If 48 hours notice is given, you may move to another date based on availability without losing your deposit. 

For all cancellations 48 hours out, a rain check, not cash, will be issued. We reserve the right to offer no compensation if the notice is within 48 hours of your start time.

Bad Weather Policy: If the park is forced to close due to bad weather, we will issue rainchecks, not cash, and you will have one year to use them. (NO REFUNDS)

Deposits are non-refundable, meaning if you deposit for ten players and only nine players show up, you, the organizer, are responsible for the player/players ($30/player) that did not show; therefore, the $30 deposit is lost (i.e., may not be used for purchases that day).

Private Session: To reserve a private session, you must (call first to check on availability) have 20 paid players deposited before your date and 20 players in attendance on game day, or Poco Loco reserves the right to mix other players with your group of equal playability.


Showing up on the game day with 20 players without prior arrangements for Private Play will not guarantee Private Play.

  • Private play is when you meet our qualifications, allowing your group to be separated from others; you move from map to map with your judges throughout the day.
  • Non-private play is the same, except you play with other players of equal skill level along with your players.

Rewards: - To qualify for any group organizer rewards, you must have the number of players required for that reward in attendance and playing.

Weekday games: (Monday through Friday) Call for availability.

This agreement represents the parties' entire understanding of the electronic filing of this reservation.


Each: $30.00
Pay a deposit of $30 per player and a balance of $20 at the park on game day.
Each: $50.00
Pay $50 per player and owe nothing at the park on game day.
Each: $180.00
Membership is for players with their own equipment. Membership is 14 months. Members may not share paintballs with non-members.